Artificial Intelligence: The Complete Guide

What is Artificial intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence is a computer performing a simulation of human intelligence. It works on the basic foundation of Machine Learning.

Many firms nowadays are trying to inculcate Artificial intelligence into their work processes and this has resulted and many lay-off of jobs in major established firms around the world such as twitter, fakebook and many more.

The world seems like a doom place with the coming of Artificial Intelligence or does it? Many of you with jobs must be thinking that ai will take away our jobs, our living, and basically after it is done with that, it will finally take our lives, right? No? Oh! I thought some of you were Terminator fans; But anyways, the point is that just like any other technological advancements or innovations, this will take out jobs, yes, but not all and moreover, will create more jobs in place of it.

Artificial intelligence or ai is not like a sudden invention or discovery but has been in the works since the time of World War 2 but the true ai that we see today took a sudden boom around 2010 with massive data and new computing power.

artificial intelligence

The motive of ai or as it seems for now is the smoothening of time taking tasks that took much longer amounts of time and also human effort.

How Artificial Intelligence is changing The World With ChatGPT

You must have heard of the name ChatGPT by now and if you haven’t clearly you have been zoned out of what’s going on in and around the world. For those of you who don’t know what ChatGPT is, It’s basically an ai model that does ai things. Well, you might be wondering what are ai things? Well, Try it out yourself to know what ai things are and what ChatGPT is capable of.


Here’s an interesting fact about ChatGPT you might not know; It took Netflix 3.5 years to reach a million users, Facebook 10 months, Instagram 2.5 months but it took ChatGPT just 5 days to have a million users on its platform. See, this is the power and influence with which how ai is changing the world.

If you’re wondering how artificial intelligence is changing the world then look no further than ChatGPT which has completely transformed how people approach their tasks and carry on their day-to-day lives. From the education sector to the IT sector, ai is completely changing the landscape of how jobs in the next 3-4 years might look like and jobs that are currently available might be useless in the coming years.

With the revolutionizing of ai, many ai tools have come up that can make your tasks a much smoother ride and help you save much time. Some of these tools are ChatGPT, GPT-3 and many more. Google is also working on building its own AI tool to compete with the likes of ChatGPT.

The Risks Involved with Artificial Intelligence:

AI is gonna revolutionize every industry that exists and is gonna impact society in a very significant way. The key thing is that we accept and practice this change in a manner that is both beneficial and feasible in terms of growth.

risks of artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence as a whole is not a risk to society but its misuse in certain hands can lead to devastation like no other. Top tech Companies like Google and Microsoft have been in the race to develop AI.

Geoffrey Hinton, referred to as the “Godfather of AI” who dedicated more than half of his life to the development of AI and his work ultimately became the foundation stone for Tools like ChatGPT, Bard and new Bing. he had been working with google for more than a decade now and last month, he decided to quit. In his point of view, Artificial Intelligence is a technology that carries immense amount of danger involved with it.

Dr. Hinton worries about the short-term effects of AI, such as the dissemination of false information that makes it difficult for the general public to discern “what is true anymore.” Dr. Hinton is concerned that, in the long run, AI may have an impact on the labor market and displace positions like translators and personal assistants.

The man that dedicated his entire life to AI is now saying that AI is dangerous and we should all be cautious, Well, That should definitely carry something legitimate of an argument with it. The thing here is that AI involves risk, a very legitimate risk and seeing this, Elon Musk and Other tech experts signed an open letter, demanding a halt on the development of ai as it is a risk to society.

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